For Filipino learners of Japanese language

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen.

I am Futoshi Nomura , teacher and founder of Nomura School of Japanese studies.

In 1982, I found a job at a logistics company based in Tokyo. My first job was to attend a big bulk cargo vessel coming into Tokyo Bay.

There were many crew men on board. Many of them were of FIlipino nationality. That was my first time to talk with Pinoys. They were always friendly, open-minded. socialbe and affectionate. One weekend, I gave them a ride around the city for a few moments of sightseeing.

I still remember what they told me about their country. No matter how many times the natural disasters hit and destroy the nation, people don’t look down for a long time. Instead, they look up and make their way forward. These words were really touching my heart.

I wish I could see them again.

Time has passed by and I’m 60. I have decided to dedicate the rest of my life to teaching Japanese language to anyone who wishes to learn it.

Please contact me if you are interested, I want to welcome you just like your ancestors welcomed me in 1982 !

Here are some of the videos demonstrating online lessons. Please have a look!

Feel free to contact me at any time