時事問題英作 長時間労働、電通の経営揺るがす。 



そんな気持ちを込め、新聞記事を英訳してみました。(北海道新聞 2017年12月29日)


女性新入社員の過労自殺から1年経った。 It’s been a year since the female office worker committed suicide due to overwork.

The labor bureau sent a report to the public prosecutors office alleging that Dentsu, Japan’s biggest advertising company, had been violating the labor standards act. And the Dentsu president Ishii was forced to take responsibility by announcing resignation from his leadership role.

25年前に起きた過労自殺で再発防止を誓った巨大企業はいまブラック企業の象徴として厳しい批判にさらされている。 The similar case occured to Dentsu 25 years ago, when a young employee killed himself due to his atrocious workload , which prompted Dentsu to apologize and promise never to let it happen again. Now the gigantic conglomerate is being rebuked as a symbol of unfair and illegal practices.

The time has changed and the traditional values of selfless devotion no longer exist.  If no action taken , employers might find it hard to maintain their management stability.




全国高等学校写真選手権大会が三日間にわたる熱戦の末、幕を閉じました。The national senior high school photo contest came to an end after three days of hard competition..


This event is also known as “ Shashin Koshien “ with its name Koshien stemming from the baseball stadium where the national baseball championship is held annually. After being selected from preliminary auditions, students gather in a small town of Higashikawa, Hokkaido to compete for the “grand” competition.





The pictures taken by participants are judged mainly in terms of passion, originality, technical skills and creativity.


Judges are eminent photographers. They choose winners after detailed scrutiny of the entries.



On the final day of the contest, winners are announced and go up on the stage to receive awards. That’s when tears start flowing on the cheeks of participants, not only winners but also those who couldn’t win.


After the awarding ceremony, Mr.Yoshihiro Tatsuki, the world-famous photographer and judge, told the tearful boys and girls. There’s one thing more important than winning first prize. That is you spent the memorable part of your life getting to know many people, such as your teammates, rivals, volunteers, host families who welcomed you staying with them, and the local residents who smilingly accepted being photographed. Interacting with those people will enrich your future.




Last Tuesday, July 21st, several figure-heads of the technology giant Toshiba held a press conference, relating to the recently discovered act of the inflating of profit and expenditure figures from March of 2009 to December 2014, amounting to a total of ¥151 billion.



The press conference was held by all three leaders, including the current CEO of the company. They have expressed their apologies to the press by bowing their heads; admitting that the figures were indeed, incorrect for that span of time, all within their terms.



Though they recognized the “inflated” numbers, they denied the allegations that the directive of willfully changing the information came from them.




I remember, during my overseas assignment in 1980s, I was feeling homesick and really didn’t enjoy my life there because of the racial harassments and so on.



Then, as I was watching TV, I saw a Toshiba commercial; it instantly improved my mood! The short screen time gave me much pride and courage to push on with my stay in that city, as it reminded me of how great things are back home. I felt good that a Japanese company is still doing well over the years.


僕だけじゃない。 きっと多くの企業戦士がそのCMに勇気づけられたことでしょう。
It’s not only me but also a lot of corporate worriers who were given courage and pride by the commercial.

しっかりしろ東芝! Pull yourself together.















小4のRさんは目で覚えるタイプ。僕が黒板に書いた英単語のスペルを瞬時に読み取り、意味を言う。とにかく目を使っているな、と感じさせます。 剣道好きの彼女、相手の竹刀の動きを見極める訓練が視神経を鍛えたのでしょうね。


小5のR君は耳がいい。クセのあるネイティブの発音も上手に聞き分けることができます。ほかの習い事はピアノ。 きっと音符の高さや長さを聞き分ける力が英語の勉強にも生かされているんだろうなあ。
















手首の調子もだいぶよくなってきたので、googleに数時間前出たばかりのニュースを片っ端から訳して掲載してみました。 まるで柔道の乱取りをやってる気分です。(疲れたー)

Mitt Romney won the New Hampshire primary Tuesday with 39.3 percent of the vote, finishing well ahead of Ron Paul (22.8 percent) and Jon Huntsman (16.9 percent).




A bomber on a motorcycle killed a scientist from Iran’s Natanz uranium enrichment site and his bodyguard-driver on Wednesday during the morning commute in Tehran, Iranian media reported, in an assassination that could further elevate international tensions over the Iranian nuclear program and stoke the country’s growing anti-Western belligerence.




The state Health Department is investigating complaints that Lenox Hill  Hospital coddled R&B diva Beyoncé  to such an extent that other people were kept from seeing their newborns. “We have received complaints,” said Peter  Constantakes, a spokesman for the state Health Department. “Whenever we  receive a complaint, we look into it. It’s not necessarily an investigation. It  could be a review. Most likely in this case, it would be an investigation.” He declined to discuss specifics of the complaints, but at least two families  have told the Daily News that they weren’t able to visit newborns in the  hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit because burly men who appeared to be  security guards barred them from gaining access to that section of the hospital.




フロリダ州の密林に迷い込んだ女の子を探すため、警察の捜索隊が出動。 しかし4日たっても見つからず、署長は断念する瀬戸際だった。
その時、ボランティアの捜査員が彼女を発見!!! 他の捜索隊が見もしなかった場所に座り込んでいたのだった・・・・。
And now to the  miracle in the swamp. An eleven year old girl who has been missing since Friday has been found alive in Florida.   CBS new correspondent Whit Johnson is in Winter Spring this  morning with the latest. Whit good morning. 
 Maggie, good morning.   The brush (雑木林)around Nadia was so thick that rescuers had to use machetes (なた)to find her. Then it took them nearly two hours to get her to safety.  For days this community was on pins and needles (やきもきして)hoping for a miracle. And they got it.  After spending four days in a alligator infested swamp,(ワニが棲む沼地)   Nadia Bloom was found by a lone searcher.  
911 You need police, fire or medical?
Hey. I’ve got her. I’ve got Nadia.
特派員  A short time later rescuers carried the eleven year old to safety. 
警察署長のコメント I never believed in miracles, But I sure do now.  because I got to tell you all. We were getting close to that bewitching(適訳見つからないなあ、微妙な時間帯ってとこ?) hours. I had to make a decision. 
特派員Nadia  had gotten lost deep in this central Florida forest. 
父親 Our daughter is a nature lover. And she went on a bike ride. and she just stopped and went on to take some pictures.
特派員 Nadia had autism-related disorder called Asperger syndrome. (アスペルガー症候群)Her family believes she may have wandered off, IN PART, BECAUSE OF A BOOK  SHE HAD READ ABOUT AN ADENTUROUS GIRL WHO GOES CAMPING.(以前読んだ絵本の物語を思い出して森の奥に入って行った、と家族はみている)
医師 She’s done remarkably well. How she survived only she will know. That’s a story that becomes more open. 
特派員 Rescuers searched for Nadia through thick vegitation and waste deep muddy water.  But it was James King, a family friend from Church who found Nadia in a dry patch in the middle of the swamp where no one else was searching and called a police.
Sir. You’re in contact with her.
I’m holding her right now. Yeah, she’s OK. She’s got bites all over her. She’s got some scratches.(体中に虫に食われたあとと引っかき傷が)
The dispatcher(配車係) then asked to speak with Nadia.
Hi I’m the girl who got lost.
OK, Nadia. Are you OK? You’re not hurt in any way?
I’m not hurting.
Yesterday Nadia was released from one hospital  over to authorities who tell her shoes  placed in another to be treated for dehydration.(脱水症状の治療のため別の病院へ搬送)
  Doctors are confident that she make a full recovery.(すぐに全快すると医師は見ている)  Maggie.
アンカーThank Goodness.
That was Whit Johnson,  Winter Springs, Florida.
Thanks Whit.