Positive learning

It is often said that Japanese students are given very little training on how to speak and write in English. Much of the time in the classroom is spent on how to read and listen .

Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Of course it is bad.

So I encourage my students to expand their imagination and creativity by building a sentence funny enough to make others laugh.

At first, children had no idea on what  to write and how to begin.

So I gave them a key word  that must be included in the  sentence they make

The keyword today was   “Wall.”

A boy student wrote “ A monkey climbed up the wall.”

A girl wrote “ I want to paint my walls pink“

And another boy wrote.“I was riding my bike when I bumped into the wall.”

Everybody in the class started laughing .

I am sure that the children learned not only new vocabulary but also the fun of making sentences on their own.