The breaking news

A shocking news hit the headlines.

In Kyoto.  two doctors were arrested by the police for having killed a woman patient.

She was suffering from terrible disease called ALS ,  a kind that your muscles become not workable. And you are unable to stand up or walk. So you end up  lying on the bed or sitting on the wheelchair most of the time And she was only 51,  and she lost her hope and asked the doctors to end her life .

 If the story ended there, I would have taken it as  one of the familiar stories of a doctor in a dilemma whether or not to listen to the patient’s request for euthanasia.

But this  time it’s a little bit different.

For one thing. They got to know each other through social network.

Second ; the doctors DID receive money from her.

Now there is a growing suspicion.

Did they  do this solely  for money?

It’s too early to judge at this stage.

Further investigation by the police is awaited.