Give Ukraine back to the Ukrainians ウクライナに平和を

I made a small donation to Ukraine.


Ukraine and Russia have been at war for almost a month.


I had a few chances to get to know some East Europeans and Russians while I was working for a trading company. They were very friendly, open-minded and easy to deal with.



Now it makes me sad to see them killing each other.


Luckily or unluckily, I have never seen or experienced a war directly. But I remember having been told by my father how atrocious war is.


He was in Chiba on March 10th, 1945.


He witnessed a part of the sky turn blood red in the direction of Tokyo. He soon realized it was an air raid by the US army.


Before long, there was a smell – similar to the one in cremation center.

It was so strong – strong enough to tell that a countless number of human bodies were being burned during the attack by the U.S. Air Force.


This story was told to me by my father about 50 years ago. It was so shocking that it still remains vivid in my memory.


I want them to stop killing right now. The revenge spiral must be stopped somewhere before it is too late.