Live Happily!

I often watch TED on YouTube .

Not only does it give me some time to relax but also opportunities to think about my life.

Some stories were heart-warming, some were thrilling, some were touching and moving.

But among all things, I recommend ” what makes a good life lessons f rom the longest study on happiness.”

Mr,Robert Waldinger says in it that it is not cholesterol level but how satisfied you are in your relationship with your family, friends and community.

Looking back at my friends and relatives I can say Robert is right.

My grandma lived up to 94. She was always smiling. Her face was always filled with satisfaction. She was always with her friend in the neighborhood

She was able to walk on her feet when she was over 90.

Everything that I remember about her is a clear-cut evidence that Mr. Waldinger’s assertion is perfectly correct.

So why don’t we live happily? Why don’t we feel satisfied with our relationships with our family members, friends and the communities?

It will surely bring improvement to your conditions both mentally and physically.