同姓同名でエライ迷惑! ケイトミドルトンさん。



Two weeks from now, Prince William’s fiancee,Kate Middleton, will be married. Everhybody in the world will be watching.
Probably there’s a lot of attention being paid to this next person, the other Kate Middleton.
Right. The one in Concord, Massachussetes WCBB’s Emera Brenda met her.
The phone call was the another request for an interview with Kate MIddleton at the bicycle shop in Concord , where she has worked for about six years. This is the Kate MIddleton that Facebook thought was a fake.
I had an e-mail from them saying that they had indeed deactivated my account freezing my fake name.
So I had to e-mail them to say “I am in fact Kate Middleton. I have nothing to do with the lady in England.
She got her facebook account back where she mostly posted pictures of her dogs.
She and her friends have had some phones with the whole Kate Middleton royal wedding things.
But there’s been some druggery too.
I don’t print my card out here at shop anymore, business cards. Because I don’t really want to go through the whole thing like “Oh, you’re Kate Middleton. Oh yeah. When is the wedding? How come are you still here at work? Shouldn’t you be doing your princess duties?
Middleton says her name first became an issue about six years ago. She applied for a job and the person doing the interview googled Kate Middleton.
When I got a call back, the person said “Well, I didn’t know you were dating with Prince William.” And I said “Well, I didn’t know that either. What are you talking about?”
Since then, Middleton, born and bred in Louisville Kentucky, googled her own name and found some interesting stuff.
I even found some articles where they had extrapolated information from an interview from me in Google and put it into an article about the woman dating prince William as if I was her.
And despite the presumably fabulous life of the woman who would be queen, this Middleton thought about Prince William.
Not my type.
She does wish for them happiness, privacy, and long lives, and can’t wait for all the good luck to pass.

英作チャレンジコーナー(日経) なんと女性の1/4が彼氏より高年収!


年収以外に彼氏を上回る学歴やキャリアの女性も少なくないようだ。「恋人より学歴が高い」と答えた女性は3分の1に迫る31%にのぼり、「恋人より役職が高い」と答えた女性も7%いた。(日経 2011年4月19日)
As many as 26%, or one out of every four  responded  they earn higher income than their boyfriends.  The questionnaire taken on women aged 20-39 has shown a new aspect of circumstances surrounding people who are in love. It also indicated that women surpass men in other fields as well, such as education and career. ABout one third, or 31 percent answered they have higher education than their male counterparts, and seven percent , higher positions.


The donut shop on the Miramer road has been across the street from the Marine base for more than thirty years. (ミラマー通りのドーナツショップは、30年以上にわたり海軍基地の向かい側に在った。)
Just after five a.m. a man  in a hooded sweatshirt walked in the back door as the lone employee had emptied the  trash.(午前5時を過ぎたころ、フード付きのトレーナーを着た男が裏口から侵入、そのとき店員はひとりしかおらず、ゴミ箱を空にしたところだった。)
 The gunman and the employee head for the register where the gunman orders the employee to empty it, even the coins.(銃を持った男と店員は現金機のところへ行き、中にあるものすべて渡すように命令。 コインさえもすべて。)
Then he makes the employee to take out his wallet and give him everything in it as well.
 Now both head to the back of the store, where the gunman points a weapon at the victim’s head and makes him drink liquid sorp in an effort to reveal the combination to the store safe.(さて二人は店の裏側へまわり、被害者の頭に銃を突きつけ、液体石鹸を無理やり飲ませた。金庫の番号を白状させるためだった。)
 Watch as he repeated, puts the weapon at his head and forced him to drink the liquid soap.
Finally convinced he didn’t know the combination or that there is even was a safe, the gunman leaves, as the employee locks the door behind him, calls his employer, who then called the police.(店員はダイヤル番号を本当に知らない、いやそもそも金庫があるのかどうかさえも知らない、ということにやっと気付いた犯人は、店をでる。店員はすぐにドアに施錠し、知らせを受けた店主が警察へ通報した。
The man taken in the robbery was not revealed,  the gunman is desctibed as a black man of 5.7 and 160 pounds.(強盗に係わった男の正体はわかっていないが、身長約5.7フィート、体重約160ポンドと言われている。

アメリカのTV CMでリスニングにチャレンジしよう!(洗剤編)





Bill’s mornings have never been gooder, cause new Gain with fresh lock helps keep the stuff smelling more like it’s straight from the dryer.
The cows aren’t gonna milk themselves.
New Gain with fresh lock. (新しいゲイン、フレッシュロック入り)
「GOODERってなんぞや? おかしいやないか? それを言うならBETTERやろ。」
そう、そのとおり。 私もそんな言葉知りませんでした。 しかしどうきいてもBETTERに聴こえなかったので、近所のマイクさんに尋ねたんです。マイク氏いわく「betterをgooderと言い換えることは時折見受けられる。」そう聞いた私は即座に「ではbadの比較級としてbadderはありうる?」と聞いてみました。 彼の返事はNO. あくまでもworseしかない、とのことでした。
「はやく仕事に出て乳搾りしなさいよ。牛は自分で絞るわけじゃないのよ。と言っている。似た表現がいくつかある。部屋の掃除をしない子供に向かって、Your room is not gonna clean itself.マイカーを洗車しない亭主に向かってYour car is not gonna wash itself。など」 ふーん、間接的に催促するとき使う表現なんだ。


本日の日経記事より抜粋しました。 今年の夏は本当に厳しい試練になりそうです。

An original plan was filed by the Ministry of economy, trade, and Industry on how to maintain a balance between electricity demand and supply for the coming summer months.
Based on the article 27 of the Electric Business Act, the bill takes a few steps forward – such as the 25 to 30% reduction on the maximum power consumption by large quantity users such as big factories.
Prior to this, the major manufactuing sectors, such as automotive, electrical equipment, metal production, have already started working on the countermeasures.  But the hurdle is high for drastically cutting down on power consumption. 

アメリカのTV CMでリスニングにチャレンジしよう!(便秘薬編)

ひさびさにTV CMを聞き取りしたのでUPLOADしました。





Sometimes life can be, well, a little uncomfortable.


But when it’s hard or hurts to go to the bathroom, there’s Dulcolax Softener.


Dulcolax Stool Softener doesn’t make you go.


It jusrt makes it easier to go.


Dulcolaxs Stool Softener. Make yourself comfortable.



ほうー、なるほど。 make yourself go (あなたを行かせる)で「お通じがある」。

 makes it easier to go(行きやすくする)で「出しやすくする」。という意味に使えるのか。





I hate the recent ad in which the guy sitting by the window on the plane squeezes over the center and aisle people to get to the aisle! Reminds me of how hard flying is nowdays!  (窓側の座席の男が苦心して通路に出るCMがいやだ。飛行機に乗る時の苦労を思い出すから)

I am just tired of hearing about  people’s piss and poop problems.  If you have trouble sh**ing, see your doctor.  Why do I need to hear about it? (オシッコとかOOOとかの話題をテレビで聴かされるのはもうウンザリ。そんなにつらいのなら医者に行けよ。何でこの俺が聴かされなきゃならないんだ。)
Now, these ads are upfront with the issue, and they have people exclaim (with enthusiasm) that  their poop is watery/etc. like it is an acceptable conversation among friends.こういうCMを流すから、堂々と大声で(中には熱意をもって)便が柔らかいだの何だのと話す奴らが出てくるんだ。友達どうしの会話なら、普通の話題になってる。)
まあまあ、そう怒りなさんな。 人間だれしも腹の調子が悪い時はあるんだし、こういう会話は時間つぶしにもってこいなんだよ。