フロリダ州の密林に迷い込んだ女の子を探すため、警察の捜索隊が出動。 しかし4日たっても見つからず、署長は断念する瀬戸際だった。
その時、ボランティアの捜査員が彼女を発見!!! 他の捜索隊が見もしなかった場所に座り込んでいたのだった・・・・。
And now to the  miracle in the swamp. An eleven year old girl who has been missing since Friday has been found alive in Florida.   CBS new correspondent Whit Johnson is in Winter Spring this  morning with the latest. Whit good morning. 
 Maggie, good morning.   The brush (雑木林)around Nadia was so thick that rescuers had to use machetes (なた)to find her. Then it took them nearly two hours to get her to safety.  For days this community was on pins and needles (やきもきして)hoping for a miracle. And they got it.  After spending four days in a alligator infested swamp,(ワニが棲む沼地)   Nadia Bloom was found by a lone searcher.  
911 You need police, fire or medical?
Hey. I’ve got her. I’ve got Nadia.
特派員  A short time later rescuers carried the eleven year old to safety. 
警察署長のコメント I never believed in miracles, But I sure do now.  because I got to tell you all. We were getting close to that bewitching(適訳見つからないなあ、微妙な時間帯ってとこ?) hours. I had to make a decision. 
特派員Nadia  had gotten lost deep in this central Florida forest. 
父親 Our daughter is a nature lover. And she went on a bike ride. and she just stopped and went on to take some pictures.
特派員 Nadia had autism-related disorder called Asperger syndrome. (アスペルガー症候群)Her family believes she may have wandered off, IN PART, BECAUSE OF A BOOK  SHE HAD READ ABOUT AN ADENTUROUS GIRL WHO GOES CAMPING.(以前読んだ絵本の物語を思い出して森の奥に入って行った、と家族はみている)
医師 She’s done remarkably well. How she survived only she will know. That’s a story that becomes more open. 
特派員 Rescuers searched for Nadia through thick vegitation and waste deep muddy water.  But it was James King, a family friend from Church who found Nadia in a dry patch in the middle of the swamp where no one else was searching and called a police.
Sir. You’re in contact with her.
I’m holding her right now. Yeah, she’s OK. She’s got bites all over her. She’s got some scratches.(体中に虫に食われたあとと引っかき傷が)
The dispatcher(配車係) then asked to speak with Nadia.
Hi I’m the girl who got lost.
OK, Nadia. Are you OK? You’re not hurt in any way?
I’m not hurting.
Yesterday Nadia was released from one hospital  over to authorities who tell her shoes  placed in another to be treated for dehydration.(脱水症状の治療のため別の病院へ搬送)
  Doctors are confident that she make a full recovery.(すぐに全快すると医師は見ている)  Maggie.
アンカーThank Goodness.
That was Whit Johnson,  Winter Springs, Florida.
Thanks Whit.


飛行中のヘリコプターからノート型パソコンが落ち、その真下には10歳の少年がいた。 わずか数十センチ・・・

運が悪ければ・・・この子はもうこの世にいなかった。 そんなお話を紹介します。  動画は:


“They made like a turn. Then when that happened it fell to the ground.”  


One more step and this 10-year-old’s story would be much different.


A laptop fell from a helicopter and landed inches away from him. The boy was spending some time at a family cookout last night when a medical helicopter was leaving St. Cloud Hospital. Somehow the crew left a laptop right there on the helicopter’s skid. Reg Chapman has more on this near miss.

“It fell about here and I was standing right here,” 10-year-old Grayson Peterka has pictures to back up a story
about  how a laptop fell from a medical helicopter and landed within inches of hitting him.

“I heard the helicopter going by. It was pretty low and then they made like a turn. When that happened it fell to the ground,” .

Grayson said the computer made a loud sound when it hit the ground, almost like a gunshot. The 10-year-old’s aunt was nearby when she heard the same noise. とても大きな、まるで銃で撃った時のような音がしたの。 

‘What’s that?’ It was really loud and not more than two seconds later my little nephew comes around the corner and says ‘Aunt Laura, something just fell out of the sky and it almost hit me.'” . 

「なんなの?今の音」叔母のローラさんが叫んだ直後、少年が走ってきた。 「上から何か落ちてきたよ」

Colon said she went to take a look and couldn’t believe her eyes.

“We came around the side of the garage here and we found a laptop and it was most definitely something that fell. It was busted up pretty good. I looked on the back and I saw Life Link and I said ‘No way, that doesn’t happen.'” 現場に行ってみると壊れたパソコンが一台路上に。 裏にはLIFE LINKの文字が。 「まさか、そんなこと起こるはずないわ」
The computer fell in the alley behind Colon’s home. It sits three blocks and across the Mississippi River from St. Cloud Hospital.
Hospital officials said Life Link III had just landed with a patient and was set to leave to pick up someone else when the crew’s computer was left on the helicopter’s skid.  患者を下し、別の患者を運ぶため離陸する直前、乗組員がパソコンをヘリの脚部分に置いていた。

Colon called the hospital and within minutes a security officer was at her door.
“They were very apologetic.”  

Although the crew retrieved the computer, pieces of it still remain in the alley. Grayson’s dad said that the debris is a sober reminder of what could have happened. パソコンは回収されたが、破片が路上に少しのこっていた。 父親が語る。「その破片をみると、下手をすれば大惨事に至ったかもしれない事故だと思い知らされる。」

“At first you think it’s kind of, kind of humorous and then you think about it for a little bit and  ‘Wow, he could have really got hurt,'” .
Grayson was not hurt and he remembers the incident with a smile. He says he can’t wait to show pictures to his friends at school tomorrow.
Grayson’s family said they know how important the work Life Link crews do and they know leaving the computer on the helicopter’s skid was an honest mistake. The family is glad no one was hurt. さあ、翻訳家のmontoさん、ここをどう訳します? 救急隊員のしごとは大変だし、大ごとにするつもりはない、パソコンの置き忘れなんてよくあること」という意味合いが込められてると我は思うのですが・・・

St. Cloud Hospital is investigating the incident. Well Reg, does the FAA(Federal Aviation Administration) get involved in a case like this?  Grayson’s family was told to expect a call from the FAA.  They will be looking into what happened with the St.Cloud attendants.

 この事件にも連邦航空局はからんでくるのでしょうか? 「ええ、病院側に調査した後、電話で報告するとグレイソン君一家に伝えたそうです」

Ah, I’m glad to see everyone smiling about it now.


 (4月21日 水曜サロンでとりあげました)

For Non Japanese readers

Welcome to my blog.

My name is Futoshi Nomura.  I’m fifty-one year old living in the small city of Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Japan. 

Last autumn, I  started a small school here  for those people who wish to achieve English proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and listening for a comparatively affordable tuition.  There are currently  ten learners –  ranging from an eight-year-old boy to a seventy- year- old woman.  

Shamefully enough, I had no experience in teaching  at all,  as I had been  in an entirely different world of import and export around the globe.  I learned a great deal  from the people with different cultures – U.S.A.,  Britain, France, Germany, Netherland, China , Korea, etc.   Also I have witnessed  many Chinese and Korean business people negotiating with western partners and was impressed by their  . That is, Japanese people in general fall behind  China and Korea in their skills of communicating with western societies.  I’m not saying this simply in terms of intonation, pronunciation, or accent,  but in the much broader sense, such as how to emphasize what you want them to know, and how to convince him or her into accepting what you believe is right.    It is these fields that Japanese are in need of.   It is these fields that we must teach our kids to acquire before they grow up.

The challenges facing Japan are serious and profouond.  CO2 reduction,  energy issues, food crisis, national security.

As you know, these problems cannot be solved by one nation alone  but require collaboration with other nations.

4月16日金曜サロン (listening practice material on April 16th Fri.)

ビールで有名な都市、ミルウオーキーの夜空にナゾの飛行物体が現れたという話を題材にしました。 動画添付しましたので皆様もどうぞご覧ください。


The sky was lit up across parts of the Midwest last night. Dozens of people in Milwaukee saw this huge fireball fired across the sky.  Many reported seeing all sorts of colors in one big blast  followed by several smaller ones.  Forecasters say it could have been a meteor or a space junk entering the atmosphere.  Nature fire works. 一番大きな火の玉が先頭になって、その後ろを小さな火玉が数個並んで飛んできた。(まるでカルガモの親子ですね)

つづいて、あの映画「ボディーガード」で知られるホイットニーヒューストンが久しぶりにコンサートを開いたというニュース。 しかし残念ながら往年の声量は出ていません。 かわいそうなくらい音程を外しています。


Whitney Houston finally hit the stage but *****.   In the first concert for a two- month European tour, the songbird missed most of the key parts of her best known songs “I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU”. 

The singer was recently under fire after postponing her first three tour days due to her illness.



タイトルはNew York Mining Disaster 1941(邦題 ニューヨーク炭鉱の悲劇)


In the event of something happening to me,
there is something I would like you all to see.
It’s just a photograph of someone that I new.



Have you seen my wife, Mr. Jones?
Do you know what it’s like on the outside?
Don’t go talking too loud, you’ll cause a landslide, Mr. Jones.





I keep straining my ears to hear a sound.
Maybe someone is digging underground,
or have they given up and all gone home to bed,
thinking those who once existed must be dead.


いや、それともみんな諦めて家へ帰って寝ちゃったかな? 「生きる者、いつかは召される」とか言ってさ。

この曲の特徴は、奥さんの話をするところだけ短調から長調へ変わることです。 絶望・悲壮から生きる希望へ切り替える姿を表現しているんじゃないかな?

Have you seen my wife, Mr. Jones?
Do you know what it’s like on the outside?
Don’t go talking too loud, you’ll cause a landslide, Mr. Jones.

In the event of something happening to me,
there is something I would like you all to see.
It’s just a photograph of someone that I knew.

3番の歌詞は、1番とまったく同じ。 ただ、歌い方が大きく変わります。 声を弱めて歌うのです。


Have you seen my wife, Mr. Jones?
Do you know what it’s like on the outside?
Don’t go talking too loud, you’ll cause a landslide, Mr. Jones.

もう一度、力を振り絞って奥さんの話をする主人公。 生きる希望を捨てない意志が感じ取れます。

そして最後 Mr.Jones.と呼ぶ時の声は、まるで崩れ落ちるかのように、絶命を思わせるかのように、消えてゆきます。

わずか2分程度の曲なのになぜこれだけのストーリーが描けるのだろう? 不思議です。

もしかしたら、今回のバージニアの事故でもこのような状況に置かれた人がいたのではないでしょうか? そう思うと胸が痛みます。



4月9日 金曜サロン



音声ファイル digital voice file

New Charges for carry-on bags






Air travelers now have a new fee to contend with. Spirit Airlines has announced it’s going to start charging for carry-on luggage. 


It’s a rule we’ve all come to know. What’s beyond this?


We try to bend before boarding a flight.  このbendの解釈をめぐり、2通りの意見が出ました。①私たちは、搭乗前に(荷物を一つにまとめるため)身体を曲げる。 ②私たちは、搭乗前に(なんとか規則に合わせようと)努力する。 → どっちでしょうね、montoさん?

Only one carry-on and one personal item allowed. 現行では手荷物一個と物品一個の持ち込みが許されている。For most travelers, that doesn’t even include jacket, food, magazine, you know.だがほとんどの場合、上着、食料、雑誌はその物品に数えないとしている。

But for one airline,  that rule will now cost you. And these days, the cabins crowded with carry-ons one airline is fighting back. だがこの制度に課金しようとする会社が1社ある。 キャビンが手荷物でいっぱいになるのを食いとめようとしている会社が1社ある。

Spirit  airlines announce that beginning in August, they will not only charge you for checked bags, but the carry ons too.スピリット航空社は、この8月より、預け荷物だけでなく持ち込み荷物にも料金を課すと発表。

“I think it’s a lot of, much, pressure with the economy. こりゃ家計にひびくわ。 →インタビューに応じた旅行客の嘆き。

They claim that they are lowering checked bag fees and ticket fares.同社では、預け荷物と航空運賃を下げると主張。

But prepare to pay 20 to 30 dollars for your carry-on at the ticket counter, 45 dollars at the boarding gate.  ただし持ち込み荷物には料金支払いを覚悟してください。 チケットカウンターでなら20-30ドル。 搭乗ゲートなら45ドル。 → なぜこんな差をつけるのかな?

Our sales, since we made this announcement,  have been up over 50% versus the same time last week. (同社社長のコメント)この発表後でも、売上高は先週に比べ5割アップした。

Part of Spirit’s popularity lies in the fact that it builds itself as the leading ultralow cost carrier in the United States. スピリット航空の人気は、超格安運賃の先端をゆくキャリアとしてのし上がってきた事実に一部あります。

We did some number crunching of our own. 自分たちでちょっと計算してみました。 ナンバークランチング、面白い表現ですね。

The price of a one-way flight on Spirit  from Atlanta to Myrtle beach can run as low as 31 dollars a ticket. アトランタからマートルビーチまでの片道運賃を例にとると、ひとりあたり31ドル下がる計算になりますが、

But adding all the additional charges and all of cart fees, the total can quickly add up to 165 bucks. すべての付加チャージを加算すると現行より165ドル高くつくことになります。

That’s about the same price as the ticket on a premium airline but almost twice the super saver fare we found on Delta. これなら主要航空会社と変わらなくなり、デルタ航空で見つけたスーパーセーバー料金の2倍となります。

 But Spirit CEO Ben Baldanza stands by his decision.  “It will make fares generally cheaper  for consumers  And we’ll make the boarding process smoother and easier for everyone.

同社CEOは、自分が下した決定を支持しています。 この制度で、より安い運賃が実現し、搭乗手続きがスムーズに楽になるだろう。

So the question remains. Will paying for carry-ons become the norm for all the airlines?疑問が一点。 この動き、他社もあたりまえに追随するのでは?

Quite certain. Other airlines are watching us very very closely to see it’s success or it’s failure. (同社広報のコメント: ありえますね。うまくいくか、失敗するか他社はじっくりと模様を眺めています。)

Now the fees are going to affect for flights booked after August 1st. 8月1日以降に予約するものすべてにこの料金が適用されます。

My goodness. What will they think of next? 




Seiko W.さんへ


たしか15年前、カラオケにご一緒させていただいたときは10曲程度でネタ切れされたはず。→ ということはその後90曲をマスターなさったことになりますよ。(すごいパワー!)

象印賞並みの歌唱力、いまでも健在なのでしょうかね? 是非またご一緒させていただきたいです。


当時の私に聴き取りなんて無理だったから適当に歌っていましたよ。「ガランボーダ エスパーセブンポリセブン」というふうに。 しかしどうしてこんな当て字を思いついたのかなあ?





以上 脳梗塞エスパーからの返答でした。







取っ手は折れ、ボタンはひとつ紛失、スピーカーはへこんでいるシロモノ。 これを編集に用いているので雑音が混じるのです。 dictationはPCのキレイな音を直接聞いているので楽にできるのですが。


「そんな粗大ゴミ、早く捨てればあ」妻と子がいいます。 でも何十年もの間、故障もせずに英語勉強を支えてくれた仲間。 そうやすやすと捨てらりゃしません。

 「古い奴だとお思いでしょうが」って歌もあったでしょう? (今うなづいた人、50歳以上ですネ)