Hot Toddy 風邪をひくのが楽しみになる酒


The other day I was down with a bad cold and a friend of mine recommended me to try taking a special drink originated from Scotland U.K.


hot toddy


Hot Toddy, as it is called, is a warm alcoholic cocktail of honey, liquor (a choice between rhum, whiskey or brandy) and boiled water, with a slice of lemon and a cinnamon stick.


レモンがなかったのでポッカレモンを代用。 Since I had no lemon at home, I used some bottled lemon juice instead.

pokka lemon

シナモンスティック? なんだそれ? 近所のスーパーを探すが見当たらず。

What is cinnamon stick? I’ve never seen one in my life. I looked for it in the grocery stores nearby with no luck.



Instead I found a thing called “cinnamon powder”. So I bought it.




With those ingredients mixed together, it’s ready to drink!




Not only did it taste better but also it kept me warm and cured my cold.



I’m looking forward to having a cold next time!

英作文 ー ブラックバイトをする苦学生たち

College students who work part time are unfairly treated.
For instance,  they are given responsibilities as heavy as full time workers. They are forced to fulfill their selling quotas in a self-sacrificing way.

こういうブラックバイトは学生を苦しめるだけでなく、正規雇用を増やす努力をくじく。These so-called Burakku Baito, or the part-time jobs unlawfully conducted by employers, not only torture working students but also discourages efforts for full time employment.

With the rising expenses such as enrollment fee and the tuition fee, more and more students have no option but to work part time.

最近の調査によると、首都圏の大学生の一日あたりの生活費は平均1000円を割っている。1990年代は2000円だった。The recent survey shows the living cost for a college student in the metropolitan area falling to less than 1000 yen per day. – a sharp decrease from 2000 yen in the 1990s.
ブラックバイトはこういった学生の困窮に乗じたものだ。 Brakku Baito takes advantage of such students in need.

北海道では昨年、ブラックバイト対抗のため学生の労働組合「札幌学生ユニオン」が発足した。自衛という意味で歓迎したい。In Hokkaido, a labor union for college students was formed last year.  Named “SAPPORO STUDENTS UNION”, it fights against unlawful employment practices.  I’d like to welcome this movement.

クッキング英会話講習第2弾のおしらせ Coooking Eikaiwa: The Second Serving!

Coooking Eikaiwa: The Second Serving!



Please come on Join Us!




The Nomura School of English Learning will hold its 2nd Cooking Eikaiwa on June 2nd, 2015 and will feature Andalusian Flamenco Eggs for everyone to cook and enjoy!


Time:  1330-1500 on June 2nd, 2015

Place Kamui public hall , (Kamui 2jo 9chome, Asahikawa)






flamenco egg



We will also be joined by a professional cook to help us prepare this fantastic dish!

参加なさりたい方はお電話を! 090-6264-4059

Contact us through phone and we’ll see you there!



ちなみにオンライン指導してくれる 先生はこの人 ↓



Contact us through phone and we’ll see you there!

英作文にチャレンジ! 北海道新聞記事



Fish Net Hauling
Recently, Jibiki Ami, or Fish Net Hauling, a practice done by local fishermen to bring in large quantities of fish by pulling them onto the shore by a net, is becoming very popular among native Japanese and foreign tourists from around the world. Since 2014, Hokkaido has become a destination of choice for this kind of activity. Locals and visitors alike join in hauling in… large nets, set up to catch some fresh fish and experience the excitement of dragging multiple kilos of them to be then sold at an auction.

Tourism in Hokkaido is expected to further expand with companies from many countries such as Korea, Taiwan and Philippines, sending their best performers to take part in this great tradition, as a reward for their hard work.




Last Friday, we did the cooking English lesson. Seven people joined and worked on the Filippino dish called Toquat baboy.



First we began with rinsing pork meat as instructed by the teacher on the laptop screen.



続いて玉ねぎとニンニクのみじん切り。 (動画をアップしてありますのでご覧下さい。)

そしてボールに入れた豚肉に、しょうゆ大さじ5杯、こしょう10振り、塩ふたつまみ、砂糖大さじ半分を加えます。 Then we put the pork meat in the bowl and add 5 tablespoons of soy sauce, 10 dashes of pepper, two pitches of sat, and half tablespoon of sugar to it.



and kept mixing them continuously until everything is covered in soy sauce.



Next we sliced the tofu about one centimeter thick.




and put some cooking oil into the frying pan and put the pork meat


揚げている間、タレ作り。これがまたすごい、醤油カップ3倍、酢カップ1杯、コショウ少々、砂糖少々。 While frying, we made some dip with 3 cups of soy sauce, 1 cup of vinegar, a little pepper, and a little sugar.



Then we mix them with those chopped onion and garlic.


肉と豆腐を上げる時間はハンパなく長い。黄金色に変わるまで、つまりカリカリのクリスピーになるまで続く。The frying time for meat and tofu is very long. You have to wait till they get golden-brown or crispy.



食べてみると、結構いける味でした。 ご飯にぴったり合いますよ!


As one of our latest courses, we have recently opened the Business English Eikaiwa classes for people needing help on communicating in a professional setting.


We opened our first class at Asahikawa Seven Building on March 5th with a total of 5 students, all coming from various career backgrounds joining the session, with a desire to improve their English skills that would help them with interacting with customers. Ranging from shopping mall attendants to medical equipment specialists joined in and studied with us; learning basic principles of English communication.

レッスン内容には、お客さんへの店内案内だったり、見込み客とうまく会話していくための話術だったり。The lesson content includes direction-giving to new customers and visitors, making statements that would start good conversations with potential buyers


動画見れます ↓



それとは別に、外国人講師とオンラインで結んで会話を教わったり、外国人客の物の見方や考え方を教わる授業もしています。Apart from that, the students also had the opportunity to speak to a foreign English teacher online, to help them with their sentences, as well as to share thoughts on foreign customer point-of-views.

この体験を、ぜひほかの方々にも分かち合いたいと思います。旭川市内にお住まいのかたなら誰でも。We hope to share this kind of fruitful and ever evolving kind of learning experience to everyone in Asahikawa;

Please join us and be part of the fresh, fun and functional class!

日経記事 英作文

久々に日経新聞の記事を英訳してみました。 ヤマダ電機とソフトバンクが資本提携、つまり部分的に手を結ぶのだそうです。



The electronics retail giant, Yamada Denki announced on May 7th, their intention to merge with Softbank, targeting May 25th as the actual merger date. In this joining Softbank will acquire 5% of the Yamada shares, corresponding to ¥22.7 Billion in asset value.



In turn, Yamada’s housing development subsidiaries aims to upgrade its performance, using Sotbank’s robust IT services; in hopes of promoting sales, generating more revenue.



One of Yamada’s subsidiaries who sells “Smart House”, an energy efficient model using IT technology, aims to combine Softbank’s telecommunications with their own energy saving devices such as the solar-power system, batteries, and HEMS (home energy management system).



Softabank, on the other hand, intends to take advantage of the retail giant’s market capability and sell the newly developed humanoid robot “Pepper”, along with other tech devices such as cellphones and optical lines through Yamada’s retail stores that are more than 1000 in number..



On may 5th, Japan celebrated Children’s day, an event dedicated to kids; celebrating their youth and health. Multiple events were done for this day, all over the country.


One such event I attended was called “Cocode Kid’s World”

kid's world




In the event, many booths were set up, and offered various activities and treats for the children present. Playing music, selling food, making arts and crafts among others.

私ももちろん参加しました。題してLet’s enjoy English”  カードを使って子供たちに遊ばせ、英語になれ親しんでもらいました。

I, of course, put up shop and named it “Let’s Enjoy English” as well, and allowed kids to play with some flash cards; encouraging them to be familiar with the English language.






We played a game with flash cards showing the letters of the English alphabet, where I shout out the letter on the cards and children will gleefully search for them as they are laid out on the floor.



It filled my heart with joy, watching the children enjoying themselves in the game; it was like watching a small treasure hunt on the beach that was my booth!