Workation is a newly coined word which combines work and vacation .

And it means working and playing. Instead of working from home we can work from a hotel, a beach, a park, a restaurant, wherever sightseeing you may fancy.

This new idea has been talked about recently especially after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Now let’s take a look at what kind of merits and demerits will be brought about by this new way of working style.


1. Hotels and inns will benefit a lot. When we look at the current situation, many of them are suffering from record low occupancy rates owing to the mass cancellation by those travelers. Consequently many of these establishments are on the brink of bankruptcy. Therefore it is urgently necessary to rescue these businesses by any means. Workation will definitely shed a light on this problem.

2. Tremendous number of people around the world have been forced to be self quarantined due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It causes a lot of psychological strain . Now is the time to give them a chance to relax and refresh their minds and bodies. In this sense, workation will definitely play a leading role.

3. Thanks to the relaxation and refreshing mentioned above, people will be able to devote more energy to their work and contribute better ideas to their companies, which will definitely lead to the improved productivity in the workplace.


1. Workation is not available for every one because of its specific property. For those people whose jobs require physical contact such as doctors nurses waitresses, taxi drivers are not able to make use of this system. In the end sense of unfairness will grow among them.

2. Financial burden is not small. If a person takes his family to a famous sightseeing spot, the traveling cost will be quite high and may not be affordable for all the families.

3. There is a problem of compartmentalization. Actually many people have complained that it is not easy to focus on their paperwork when they are in the hotel room. For those people, work is work. And play is play. The two cannot be mixed.

英検結果速報 2020年第二回(10月実施)


今回の合格者は、5級 1人、4級 3人. 3級 2人、準2級2人。2級1人。





  • 英検3級二次試験を受験予定の小中生に特別無料レッスンをしていた時、意外な事実を知りました。なんとラジオを知らない子がいるのです。上の絵を見せながら
  • Please look at the picture. What is the boy doing? と質問したところ、答えられなかった子供たちが数人。
  • どうしたのー。答えわからないの? と尋ねたところ「この機械が何なのかわからない」とポツリ
  • そうか、今の子はラジオを知らないんだ。
  • 現物の写真を見せようと Googleで検索。

  • 「こんな感じのやつだよ。見たことないかい」と尋ねてみたら「あぁおばあちゃんちで見たことがある。」
  • そうか。ラジオはもう必需品ではないんだ。スマホやタブレットに押されその重要性は地に落ちてしまったんだ。哀れなラジオ。
  • いや待てよ、そんな事は無い。地震や台風で停電になったときポータブルラジオがものすごく役に立ったと言う話を聞いたことがある。
  • 停電が長引けばやがてスマホが使えなくなる。そうなると唯一の情報源がラジオになるわけだ。
  • 10年前の東日本大震災、2年前の北海道地震。どちらの場合もそうだった。
  • 普段は目立たないけれども万が一の時は重要な役割を果たすラジオ。
  • 嬉しいとき悲しいとき、いつも身近な存在だったラジオ。どんなに時代が変わろうとも消えずにいて欲しいですね。



Today’s headline news is that the US sues Google for violating the anti-trust law.


To put it simply, Google is putting people at a disadvantageous position.


Very few people think that way, though.


On the contrary, most people appreciate Google for its free and useful tools.


Sympathizing voices will surely be raised.


If we sue someone in Japan, they are definitely the top three cell phone carriers – NTT docomo, au, and Softbank.


They didn’t lower their cell phone plan prices that they knew are the highest all around the world.

This is indeed the violation of antitrust law.


They finally started working on the price cutting effort’s due to the pressure by Prime Minister Suga.

Too late.

やったねー東芝さん! You made it, Toshiba !


They come up with a new technology that will make it impossible for hackers to eavesdrop data. Called quantum cryptography, the epoch-making technology is expected to play an important part not only in the communication system but also in the national security .


Personally I have this familiar feeling about Toshiba . It was the sponsor of the nationwide popular anime “SAZAESAN”


After many years of success and glory, Toshiba had its own share of challenges.

For instance , they suffered Fukushima nuclear power disaster and the declining competitive edge against counterparts in China and South Korea .


As a result, they could not help but split into three components in order to get through the hard times.


And today they demonstrated that they are still alive and kicking.


Toast to the staff who devoted their energy to the development of this technology and who sacrificed their time to go out with their girlfriends or wives.


I had a similar experience , on a much smaller scale though.

I was chosen as a member of an African project and had to prepare hundreds of documents for the bidding.


When we won, all the project members held one another at the news.


That was of my most wonderful moments in my life.















RIP. Van Halen. バンヘイレンと80年代

80年代のロックスター、Van Halenさんが亡くなりました 。

Van Halen passed away. He was a Legendury rockstar of the 80s.

彼の名曲「ジャンプ」           難題に直面した時、いつも背中を押してくれた曲でした。トラブルで怒っている顧客に謝りに行く時、また大勢の人前でいきなりプレゼンをやるように言われた時。

His song “JUMP” used to push my back whenever I was afraid to face challenges. For instance, meeting a difficult client for a troubleshooting purpose, being suddenly assigned a presentation in front of many people.


“Why is it always me to do that nasty job? “ I used to grumble to myself quietly.

すると彼の歌声が響いてくる。Then his worlds cross my mind.

Jump ! Jump! You won’t know until you begin. おもいきり飛んでみろよ。やってみるまではわからんだろうが!


何もわからず突っ走ってた80年代。その時の経験が今のくそ度胸を作っている。ありがとうVan Halenさん。ゆっくりお休みください。

in the 1980s, not knowing what is right or wrong, I gave every day my all. Those experiences made me what I am. Thank you Van Halen. Rest In Peace.



Two of my students gave me a souvenir from Hakodate .They visited there as a part of their school trip.


Junior high school trips areusually held in the spring months such as May or June.


But this year the schedules were put off until October because of the COVID-19 pandemic, which put them in the hectic situation.


Coming back home from the long trip, they had to take the EIKEN test the very next day.

これは容易なことでは無い。長い旅行から帰ると翌日も疲れが残り試験に集中できない。It’s not an easy thing to do because you can’t focus on the test when you are still tired from the long trip.


I want to commend them for their discipline.

God bless them!






We have twelve cats, three dogs four turtles and one fish for our pets in the house.

Toshi Twelve cats!


Yes. Twelve cats. It’s because my parents and my sisters also love cats. An animals in general. So we usually rescue cats that we find on the street.


I remember that , as a small child, I was always a lonely boy. I had no friends and I was so shy. I didn’t want to go out and interact with people. I don’t know why, but I felt more secure, more at home at home. And one day, my mother brought home a small cat. And then we began to live with that small cat. Since then I gradually liked that small pet because when I was in the living room the cat come and sat on my knees and then began to sleep. Or when I was watching TV, the cat came to me , sitting side by side with me . I don’t know why, but I felt so loving, so affectionate about cats and since then my craze for cat began. This is my personal story. Thank you for listening.


That is a great story, Toshi-san. Thank you for sharing. Is it OK if I ask more about that? So do you remember what name you gave to the kitten?


Actually I didn’t give, but my parents gave. The cat had a black hair. So we gave her the name KURO.


Do you remember how long you had the cat with you? How many years did t live?


If my memory is right, it didn’t live long. There was a kind of accident or something and it died.


That’s too bad.


My dad didn’t want to show me the dead body., because that would be too shocking for a 6 year old boy.




He took away. Maybe he buried the body in a mountain or somewhere I think.


Thank you for sharing that now after you had kuro when you were a boy did you have other pets growing up?


Yes. My mom brought me another cats and so we lived together. About half of my lifetime was spent with a cat. My dad, my father did not like cats so much they do eats a lot and not so sanitary. However, when he got older like 60, 61 two he began to love cats. I think he was also lonely. He wanted somebody to live with.


True. Cats make great companions at any age. They are good companions for older people because they don’t require a lot of maintenance. You don’t need to take them on a walk they’re always sleeping. And very relaxed.


I want to know how many hours they sleep. Maybe 16 hours? What do you think?


You’re actually quite right. Cats actually sleep for almost 12 to 16 hours a day depending on how old they are. So that’s a very long.


I remember that when I was a school student, I woke up washed my face , brush my teeth and I was having breakfast. Then the cat woke up too and he ate some food and he began to sleep again. WHY? It’s in the morning. “Why do you sleep ? I shouted.